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'Summer's Gold'

This image of a brilliantly sunlit canola field, grasses and distant trees was captured on a warm summer's day, just south of Calgary, on the way to Priddis, Alberta.

It is typical of the wonderful vistas of flowering canola fields that grace Western Canada during the summer months, bringing delight to the beholder and crowning the visual experience of that brief season.

'Where They Came'

This view through the vestibule window in the abandoned United Church in Dorothy, Alberta looks onto the old Catholic Church at the end of a grassed-over dirt road.

The image symbolizes the cooperation of those pioneer parishioners who built these churches, and who came regularly to services, weddings and funerals throughout the life of their small community. This print is a companion print to "Bread of Life" and "A Path Forgotten".




Dewinton, Alberta is one of the better-kept secrets as a small quiet village just south of Calgary. Somehow, despite its proximity to a thriving metropolis, it has escaped the ravages of development, and retains much of its original old charm.

This image captures an approaching summer storm, hovering over the grain elevators and several abandoned rail cars. What a great place to explore!



'Evening Light'

This row of elevators stands unused in the historic community of Rowley, Alberta, north of Drumheller. Rowley is an excellent example of a rural village as it was decades ago.

The community has been used in several movies and television commercials, and provided wonderful dinners for the many passengers of the Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions until the removal of the tracks several years ago.



'Proud Lady'

Farrow, Alberta once had aspirations of becoming a significant commercial centre and had a general store, school, and garage, as well as two elevators.

When the main road later passed through another hamlet to the south, the village quietly died and now remains abandoned.


'Proud Lady 2'

This closer view of the Farrow elevator shows the loading platform looking out over a now-empty railbed.

This elevator has retained much of its beauty, despite being unused for almost 20 years.



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